We know the road to your dreams will not be a smooth one or an easy one

but we will be with you along the way. Drill sergeant, coach, cheering squad.

Whatever you need us to be, we’ll be rooting for you.

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Use our state of the art resources to teach yourself inspiring things, practical things, empowering things.


A tribe needs two things according to Seth Godin. A shared interest and a way to communicate. Come inside, create your tribe and stay accountable on your journey.


Get off your butt and do something about your dream. It’s as simple (and as difficult) as that!


About Us

Liftree is the brainchild of two renegade nurses with a passion for lifelong learning.

Liftree was born out of a need to provide people a safe place to learn, connect and grow while tackling radical life changes in the way they live, love, learn and work.

Our ebooks, courses and various learning materials use multimedia to deliver vocational learning within a supportive community.


    Take our carefully crafted courses


    Indulge in a well researched book


    Who doesn’t like freebies such as posters and manifestos?


    Auditory, visual, kinesthetic formats- there’s something every learner.

Inspiring action, one positive video at a time

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