We live in an tech-oriented yet strangely disconnected world. Our relentless mission at Liftree is to get people excited about lifelong learning and the human experience.


Whether we are leading people through an 8-week course, facilitating a facebook community or running a live workshop, we strive to build lasting communities.


Our clients are seekers of transformation – bravely undertaking difficult journeys. We want to be present for people as they grapple with the discomfort of growth.

At Liftree, we want to design a human-centric educational enterprise that offers unconventional life learning opportunities. The end-goal is to create a respectful, inclusive learning environment in which people can explore their subjective reality.


Personal development
Transformational growth


E-books & articles
Podcasts & Videos
Courses & Workshops
Focus Groups & Circles
Coaching & Mentorship

  • Liftree works like a miracle for people like me who are low on their confidence. Tried its workshop of (name) and it helped me gain my confidence and be the best version of myself.

    Martha M. Masters
    Marketing - Wikitravel
  • Learnt a lot from the podcast (name) about working hard and maintaining discipline. Even today I work on those ground rules have been successful since then.

    Martha M. Masters
    Marketing - Wikitravel
  • My daughter couldn’t gain self-esteem after her break-up and after reading Liftree’s overcoming heartbreaks ebook (name), she grew to be a positive person that shares good vibes with her friends and family. Thank you Liftree!!

    Martha M. Masters
    Marketing - Wikitravel

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