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Indulge in the most basic human instinct (to learn) Our relentless mission at Liftree is to get people excited about lifelong learning and be moved to apply those in their everyday experiences.


Happy people make strong communities. Whether we are leading people through an 8-week course, facilitating a facebook community or running a live workshop, we strive to build lasting bonds.


Our clients seek transformation. Real change requires courage, honesty, commitment, and effort. We want to be present for people as they grapple with the discomfort of growth.

Embracing Transformation

At Liftree, we offer unconventional, transformative and human-centric opportunities for life-long learning within a respectful, inclusive learning environment. Conquer your challenges one step at a time.

Seeds of change

Building life skills
Creative exploration
Embracing entrepreneurship
Setting intentions for change
Nurturing community

Tools for growth

Mentorship sessions
Talking circles
Workshops & courses
Accountability programs
Curated Retreats
Self-paced resources
Every person is born with innate personal power.

Discover yours.