42 Reasons Why You Are Slacking

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  1. You wake up at the last minute, then rush out the door to work, disorganized.
  2. You check emails like an obsessive chimpanzee.
  3. You watch way too much TV. You think you deserve a few moments of relaxation, but few moments easily turn into many.
  4. You put off the challenging tasks for till tomorrow.
  5. You create self-fulfilling prophecies of failure.
  6. You work long periods without rejuvenating breaks.
  7. You take breaks but don’t get back to work as planned.
  8. If you work at home, you make no clear demarcations between work time and family/chore time.
  9. You let other people’s agendas rule your day.
  10. You let other people distract you into gossip, chit-chat or unproductive banter.
  11. You chomp on chips while you work. Not only are you unproductive, you’re also getting fatter.
  12. You stay up late. You’re partying or waffling or watching all-night Harry Potter marathons. Or all of the above.
  13. You make horrible meal choices. They may taste heavenly but leave you drowsy, bloated and distracted.
  14. You don’t take care of your physical health. Physical exercise helps you think clearer and feel more active and inspired.
  15. You are bored out of your mind. If you’re in a line of work that ceased to inspire you a long time ago, you won’t exactly be bursting to churn out quality work.
  16. You are waffling around on the internet. You’re not really doing any “research” are you?
  17. You are lost in a sea of social media updates.
  18. You are secretly stalking your niece’s sister’s best friend’s aunt’s vacation pictures from Costa Rica on Facebook.
  19. You are secretly pinning the awesomest wardrobe of life on Pinterest at work.
  20. You are scheming about the rewards you will give yourself even before you complete the measly taks at hand. Get your hand out of the chocolate jar!
  21. The people in the cubicle next to yours are talking loudly about the concert they are attending this weekend.
  22. Your boss keeps interrupting you with useless instructions.
  23. Your colleague keeps stopping by to chafe office gossip, you, of course indulge.
  24. The phone keeps ringing with clients making random inquiries.
  25. You are bogged down with numerous, irrelevant company memos and meeting minutes.
  26. You have three meetings in the morning, none of which have any conclusive results.
  27. You are waffling around on your coffee break, trying to squeeze that one last spare minute before you have to get back to that boring report.
  28. You don’t know how to say no when someone dumps an unwanted project on you.
  29. You are making plans for dinner with your friends after work.
  30. You don’t push yourself hard enough.
  31. You don’t have all the tools you need.
  32. You don’t have the right tools for the job.
  33. You don’t have the necessary training for the job.
  34. Your team isn’t working as a coherent whole.
  35. Conference calls without a purpose that seem to meander on forever.
  36. You’re exhausted and frustrated from your daily commute by the time you reach the office.
  37. Your lack of familiarity with the technologies you use for your work.
  38. You are way-sided by a million shiny apps that really hinder your productivity rather than enhance it.
  39. You don’t set priorities and optimize your workflow. Working without priorities is like firing a shot in the dark. You don’t really know if you will get the intended target or not.
  40. You are disorganized and your workspace is cluttered.
  41. You are a perfectionist. Learn to be comfortable with work that is “good enough” and you will get a lot more done when you sit down to work.
  42. You are constantly checking, sending and receiving texts from friends, family and co-workers.