Controlling anger to live a better life

‘If you kick a stone in anger, you will hurt your foot’- Korean proverb. Not a single part of the proverb is worthless. Anger is an unwanted element in anyone’s life which they cannot control. The ones who have the ability to control it already know where they stand in their life today. Anger can...
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Embracing peace amidst the chaos

A fast running world with people who are super busy has left no time for them to sit and relax. Apart from taking mini-vacations, there are other things you should try to maintain peace in your life. Sometimes, all you need is that one soothing activity that can make your inner self calm and establish...
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Stress management-useful than you think

Stress is a slow poison that eats up a human from inside. However, the person suffering from stress often is not aware of the fact. Getting stressfree has become so difficult in today’s times. Meeting the deadlines, managing household finances or keeping up the relationship with dear ones and more are some of the many...
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