Learning leads to growing and growth makes you a better human being. Individual focus to let you accomplish.

Liftree is all about lifting you. If you feel you require more attention for your problem or want an in-depth knowledge of a certain subject, we offer you individual training. It can be anything – one-on-one counselling, via Skype, retreat programs or year-long coaching. Know that we are there by your side. We have been there where you are struggling and we understand how important it is to solve it.

Parents / Kids Class

We believe in walking together with you in your journey towards growth and lift you up wherever you feel you are stuck. Our expert counselors can guide you and give you effective tips and tools to eradicate the problem from its roots.

We also plan retreat programs like spiritual retreats, men’s retreats, couple’s retreats, youth retreats and more. Refresh and rejuvenate your inner self by taking retreats and indulge in the activities of the intention set by you. There is never too late to go on a retreat and nourish your soul.

If you believe your problem is too lengthy and you may not be able to reach us. Don’t worry. We can get you connected via video calls on Skype and you can have a 30-minute or an hour-long session with our consultants. We will listen to you patiently and address your concerns in a smooth way. You can count on us!

Often we notice that people require more than a workshop to learn and understand a concept. And for those who have already learnt a concept, require specialization further. Which is why we provide year-long coaching to assist them. Throughout the process, we take regular follow-ups and check the growth of an individual.

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Why One on one coaching?

  • Learn the beauty of change.
  • Be more real and optimistic.
  • Thought provoking conversations that can change your way of living
  • Listen and learn more about the value of life
  • Dealing with dark inner sides that halt the growth

Is there something you want to be good at?

Richard McClintock, a Latin professor at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia