Thinker, dreamer, doodler, meditator, listener


From molecular biology research, to working in ambulatory primary care clinics, then pursuing nursing education, and now working in health informatics – health and wellness has always been at the forefront. Somewhere in between all that, many iterations of an easily accessible platform for health education took form. Since this has been in the works, I have jumped in and learnt many skills including website development, video editing, content creation, writing, workshop and course design. Also, working on multiple priorities at once has led me to create a routine focused around good habits, time management, ++ organization.

Being a good listener, my seemingly calm presence and perhaps because of my clinical background, I always find myself having wholesome conversations with friends, acquaintances and strangers alike. My strength lies in Motivational Interviewing, and asking good questions and being a sounding board where the other person reaches an action plan they feel confident about by themselves with gentle guidance.

Through my current role and expertise, I can make lasting impact to patient care through supporting other nurses, physicians and allied healthcare professionals initiate, document care provided, and guide clinical decisions. However, the true potential of wellness in our global society lies in focusing our funding on primary health care.


Clinical Informatics Nurse, The Hospital for Sick Children
Co-Founder, Liftree
Advanced Clinical Transformation Nurse, Mackenzie Health
Patient Education Coordinator/Clinical Research Nurse


Workflow management and gap analysis 90%
Change Management90%
Learning needs assessment 100%
End user adoption 85%

Contact Info

Email : pooja@liftree.com