The Confidence Mindset

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Whether you are at a professional negotiation, dating a new guy or performing in front of a crowd, the one trait that makes you unforgettable is to have unshakable confidence. In order to build confidence you need practice, time and as they say, the perseverance to fake it till you make it. A few simple habits in your day-to-day life will set you on the path to becoming confident.

Accept your body

This concept has been beaten to the ground in self-help circles but the fact remains that it is true. When I delivered my first baby, I was 25 pounds heavier, four sizes larger and oozing “fat woman vibes” all over the place. It was a ragged road to recovery. The depression hit me real hard until I realized that that I could be sexy without the skinny. Instead of wearing the maternity clothes to hide the mummy tummy, I went out and bought myself flattering “normal” clothes. My body was still a little flabby and misshapen but if I didn’t mind it, neither did those around me. Wherever you are in your fitness journey, I urge you to embrace your body as it is this very moment. The funny thing about people is that if you act like you are sexy and powerful, then to them, you really are.

Find yourself

Take time out from your day to spend exclusively with yourself. Even if you can only spare a few minutes a day, make it a point to do something solitary and self-centered. Just for you and nobody else. A luxurious bath. An exciting book. A random doodle. A delicious glass of wine.

Be decisive

A mother intuitively knows her baby needs feeding. A nurse knows when her patient is about to code. An entrepreneur takes risks based on a gut-feeling. The more you use your intuition muscle, the stronger it gets. Malcom Gladwell, in his book, “Blink: The Power of Thinking without Thinking” claims that “our power of thin-slicing and snap judgment are extraordinary” Learn to trust your subconscious. Try it today – give yourself no more than a minute to make intuitive decisions whenever the opportunity presents. The more quick, sound and intuitive decisions you make, the greater your faith in your competence – and confidence.

Next week, will talk about how you can use your body language to seem more confident.