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‘If you kick a stone in anger, you will hurt your foot’- Korean proverb.

Not a single part of the proverb is worthless. Anger is an unwanted element in anyone’s life which they cannot control. The ones who have the ability to control it already know where they stand in their life today.

Anger can be valid sometimes but too much of it can be harmful and eat up a person’s internal well-being. The repercussions after you indulge in an aggressive argument with someone can not only hurt you but hurt the other person as well and destroy the relationship with them. Often it happens when you are angry, you end up taking regrettable decisions.

Try the following tips and tricks to overcome your anger and manage it:

Count and breathe

Traditional yet useful trick! When you’re angry, your heart rate increases. To prevent it, try counting down to 10 and if you’re on the verge of killing anger (level-super angry!!) start from 100. If at all it doesn’t work you can try to take deep breathes and relax your brain.

Take a walk or relax muscles

Any form of a pump in your body can help you stay calm and less prone to anger. Try taking a walk, do some lifting, play outdoor games so that you channelize your energy in a better way.

Your muscles become tense when you are angry; try to stretch and relax by stressing each muscle and releasing it. Trust us! It works.

Escape in imagination

If you really wish to control your anger, this trick is for you. Pick a calm room or a place with no sound and sit there to lose yourself in some imaginations. Imagine yourself in a place of your choice and focus on intricate details like the color, size of the place you see, what is the most beautiful part of it, etc. By doing this, you keep your brain engaged and lose the anger.

Switch on some music

Music is the best medicine and serves people with different preferences. Switch on your favorite music to focus on things that you ‘like’ rather than focusing on disliking something or someone.

Turn it into something fruitful

Okay, this is quite different from the other suggestions we gave. You have a bunch of words and feelings that you might want to speak up all at once! In such instances, we suggest to simply take a break and not talk to people. Talking will only worsen a situation and hurt someone’s sentiments when you are angry. What should you do? Use that anger in such a way it can help others. File a petition against one bad thing you thought was hurting people around you. It could be anything – gender discrimination, violations of any kind or anything that can help a person.

‘If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow’- a Chinese proverb.

Try these tips and let us know if you were able to control your ‘angry bird’ mode and if these worked for you. You can write to us or comment on our social media handles. Liftree believes in a better living that leads to happiness. We can be your anger management coach and help you live peacefully.  

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