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The need for accessible health information is palpable today. Many of us are hungry for holistic information on health, resilience & healing. There are few reliable sources sharing information at the grassroots level. This page is for those seeking authentic guidance on preventive health & wellness.

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Intention Setting For Healthcare Professionals
Conducting Effective Internship Interviews
Disrupting Bias for Authentic Leadership

What our community is saying

Parth, Mkt Analyst
The learning never stops, when you are training under Ushma. She provides with such insight and perspectives which are really commendable.
Mahima, Content curator
In just a short span I can feel the difference in the quality of my work. I can't wait for the upcoming bungle of learnings planned.
Ruchi, Enterpreneur
I really enjoy the energy that Ushma brings to her workshops and I always come out of it feeling empowerd to make a positive change.
Nishant, IT professional
I took their intention settting workshop. I liked how it was broken down into activities talking circles, creative explorations and meditaiton.
Krupali, SEO writer
I took a mind-mapping workshop with Liftree in November. The workshop really helped me become better in communicating.
Ankita, IT professional
Ushma ran a creative writing session and our writers found it really useful to sharpen their voice and narrative through reflective writing.
Anishi, Designer
The clarity of her ideas and her way of explaining them, shows what a great teacher she is. I am really looking forward to learning more things with her.

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