The Story of Liftree

Seven years of research, experimentation, professional experience and interactions with schools, university programs, corporate training staff and education consultants health infotech have culminated in the formation of an accessible, replicable and actionable model for rapid curriculum development.

Value-Based Learning Model


Create considerate and inclusive communities. Instead of “selling” products, we build relationships. At Liftree, we are guardians of sacred spaces where people can safely let their vulnerabilities come out to play. We are facilitators of curated experiences.


We want to facilitate growth through stark, honest conversations. We will not pretend to have magical answers for human problems. We work through issues by using the learner’s own reality as a unique frame of reference.


The child-like joy of discovery is central to every learning activity so that the learner to fully engage and benefit from the experience. The teachinglearning process goes both ways to co-create a new understanding of the world around us. Just as the learner discovers new ideas, so does the teacher.


To empower is not to “give” power, but to bring the learner back to a place where they realise that they already have the power and to encourage them to seize it! Liftree is built on a foundation of empowerment which underlies every communication we undertake.

We took to the streets to

speak with healthcare

providers and educators about

the need for vale based

education. this is what they

had to say!

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