Creating Intentions

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Course Outline: 

Imagine waking up every morning and then asking yourself, what’s next? Somedays, you may even resolve to exercise due diligence, but how many times were you successful? You had your goal in mind but couldn’t set your intentions. 

Join us as we take a deep dive into intention settings. This workshop will be divided into three main segments:

1.  Reflection on the outcomes in your life as per the situations around you. 

2. Exploration and definition of intentions.

3. Creating intentions and practising them in your lives.

Ushma Naik RN, MScN, is an expert in instructional design, capacity building, curriculum management as well as brand psychology. 

Venue:  Online Class

Time: Saturday 6 pm IST 

Registration policy: Seats are limited. First come, first serve.



2022 was a year of re-calibration. Lessons were learned and unlearned as our priorities shifted. Now, more than ever before, we are in a clear position to take inventory of our lives. This three-part workshop will provide an opportunity and roadmap to explore where we have been, so we may envision where we are going next. Healthcare professionals will engage in activities such as journaling exercises, fireside chats and mini-meditations along with other healthcare participants. It is going to be a party!

Join us for a 3-day virtual retreat as healthcare professionals engage in journaling exercises, fireside chats and mini-meditations. 

Duration: 6 hours

Aim of this course: This intention-setting workshop is meant for healthcare professionals looking to create an extraordinary narrative for 2023. Through our unique model of reflection → exploration → intention, healthcare professionals will learn to start accomplishing little things daily toward their big hairy audacious goals. This course will help you establish:

A strong reflective journaling practice

A better understanding of their desires

A step-by-step roadmap for 2022

A blueprint for dealing with setbacks