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Infographic - A deep dive into Hatha Yoga

Why Hatha Yoga is essential in our modern day lives

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Hatha Yoga is one of the most practiced and revered forms of yoga and offers a sanctuary of self-care, a haven where we can rejuvenate and replenish our inner resources. This practice encourages us to delve into the essence of our being, promoting holistic wellness that extends far beyond physical flexibility.

The name ‘Hatha Yoga’ holds a certain mystique, doesn’t it? It is not just a random combination of words; rather, it carries the essence of balance and duality inherent in this ancient practice. The term ‘Hatha’ is derived from the Sanskrit language, the ancient language of India. It is a composite of two root words – ‘ha’ and ‘tha,’ where ‘Ha’ represents the sun, and ‘Tha’ represents the moon. In the yogic philosophy, the sun and the moon are more than just celestial bodies; they embody opposing energies.
Here is the opportunity to practice Gentle Hatha Yoga. Attain the union of mind-body-spirit through asanas (postures), breathwork and cleansing practices to help you amplify your power.

This workshop is designed to show how some of the main balance postures in Yoga can be done safely and easily. You will need a mat and some comfortable clothes. Remember, we have to start slow and work our way up.

Please note – Yoga is exercise; if you have any health issues, you should always check with your doctor before starting.

This workshop is designed for all work-from-home beings experiencing rigid body movement. We aim to get people to start stretching, moving and finding joy in their physical, emotional and spiritual being. Read more about the “Practicing Hatha Yoga for Beginners” workshop by visiting
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