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The Art of Problem-Solving with Doodles

The Art of Problem-Solving with Doodles

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As Harry Clinton sat listening to speeches on global security and the Middle East during a Security Council meeting at the U.N., she was seen scribbling furiously on her speech in front of her.

Making last-minute changes? Adding questions that needed answers? No, she was doodling. This became headlines and was splashed across newspapers across the globe, shown as evidence of her lack of attention in such an important and complex meeting.

But just because she was doodling does not mean she was not listening, and it certainly does not mean she was not thinking.

A few groups worldwide have started looking at the doodling benefits and the research is astounding. Those simple, little doodles can do everything from sharpening your creativity to boosting your productivity, focus and mood.

solving big problems with little doodles
In this blog, we will delve into everything you need to know about the science of doodling as a problem-solving approach including the myriad benefits of your brain.

Is doodling good for the brain?

So, how does our brain react when we doodle? Well, usually when we do it, it is out of boredom, frustration or to release stress. Experts describe doodle art as a safety valve that allows us to release pressure safely and non-threateningly.

However, there is far more going on. Doodle illustration is thought to give us a powerful mirror into our subconscious. This can allow us to tap into other concepts and ideas we might not have otherwise considered. Doodling keeps you from falling asleep or staring blankly when your brain has turned off. The permissions to “free draw” keep your brain online a little longer.

Benefits of doodle art – using creativity to solve problems

In a world dominated by technology and complex problem-solving methodologies, it is easy to overlook the power of simplicity. Yet, sometimes, the smallest and most unassuming ideas hold the key to solving big problems. Let us look at the benefits of doodle art and how they can catalyze transformative solutions.

unleash the power of creativity

Unleash the power of creativity

Doodles have been a part of human expression for centuries. From cave drawings to notebook sketches, they have always served as a channel for creative expression. Little doodles, in particular, can bypass our analytical minds and tap into the imaginative realms. Doodling helps us focus beyond our conventional boundaries. By embracing the simplicity and playfulness of doodling, we can unlock our creative thinking and problem-solving approach from fresh perspectives.

Improved memory

One of the largest studies into doodling was by Jackie Andrade at the University of Plymouth in the UK. She asked people to listen to a boring telephone message and then they had to recall information from the message afterwards. Half the participants were also asked to shade in some squares and circles during the message but were not to bother with neatness and keeping within the lines. The researchers found that doodlers were far better at recalling the information afterwards.

So, why were the doodlers better at recollection than the non-doodlers? Well, it could be that the doodling kept those people from falling into the default state and starting to daydream. Doodling kept them at just the right level of arousal where they could attend to the information while drawing away.

out of the box thinking

Out-of-the-box thinking

When faced with complex challenges, we rely on structured problem-solving methods. While these methodologies have merits, they often confine us within predefined frameworks. Little doodles offer an alternative approach by encouraging out-of-the-box thinking. We can break free from rigid structures and explore unconventional connections by sketching simple visual representations of our thoughts and ideas. Doodles have a way of triggering unexpected associations, sparking new insights and leading us to novel solutions that might have remained hidden in a traditional problem-solving approach.

Doodles help you process emotions

When you are frustrated, anxious or depressed, conveying those feelings in words can be difficult, but an image might help you better.

According to research conducted by the University of California, it was concluded that doodles were a literal example of a picture that speaks a thousand words. During the research, participants were asked to sketch images that conveyed their feelings and then send them to friends and family.

One guy sketched his frazzled brain, exhausted from his job and newborn. Another participant sent a picture of her term paper looming over her as a deadline approached.

If you cannot find the right words, consider sketching how you feel. Even if it is a heavy-penciled raw scribble, people will at least know how you feel.

doodles make you better listener

Doodles make you a better listener

Ever been on the phone and realized that you have not been listening because you were too busy thinking about dinner? Next time you find yourself zoning out, start drawing. According to Jesse Prinz, a philosophy professor at the City University of New York Graduate Center, doodling keeps participants in a state of “pure listening” close to meditation. Doodling helps hit that sweet spot between listening too much and too little. Doodling keeps in you a state where your mind cannot wander, reflect or think more deeply about what you hear.

It is a good one to try in your next Zoom call – as long as your camera is off!

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Grab a pen and paper and doodle your heart out!

Little doodles offer a refreshing perspective. Their simplicity, playfulness and ability to unlock creativity can pave the way for transformative innovation. Some people avoid doodling because they think they must be good at drawing. However, this is certainly not the case! There is still merit in doodling, even if you’re not the next Leonardo DaVinci. That said, if you’re new to drawing, you may find that you spend more time policing your art skills rather than just mindlessly creating.

So, the next time you face a daunting challenge, grab a pen and paper and let your imagination flow through little doodles. You might just discover that the key to solving problems lies within the simplicity of your sketches. Embrace the power of doodling and witness how even the tiniest strokes can lead to significant breakthroughs.

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